At Diversified Treatment Alternative Centers, our admissions process is designed to be as simple and timely as possible so that our clients can receive the help they need. At every step of the process, our team is on hand to answer your questions and help you and your child access needed care. Whether your child is entering an outpatient or residential program, our admissions team will make sure they are in the right treatment progam for their unique needs.

Reach out at 570.524.0307 to learn more about the Diversified Treatment Alternative Centers admissions process.

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Children and adolescents admitted to the programs typically suffer from mild to moderate emotional distress and may have psychiatric diagnoses such as depression, ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, and/or anxiety/mood disorders from their childhood. Many have significant issues with their family of origin, and most have experienced prior victimization. Additionally, many of our clients lack adequate life skills and require education and training in independent living skills. Adolescents referred to DTAC’s programs often have a history of experiencing traumatic life events and have subsequently begun to exhibit acting out behaviors.

DTAC reviews each client’s referral on a case by case basis to determine the appropriateness of fit.

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Referral Process

Below are the steps needed to join a DTAC program:

Step 1

Give us a call, and our administrative assistant will gather your information and share it with the admissions team.

Step 2

A clinical reviewer makes a preliminary decision as to whether the prospective client meets the criteria of the program.

Step 3

Once the clinical reviewer accepts the referral, an administrative assistant will reach back out to you to schedule an interview.

Step 4

The clinical reviewer interviews the prospective client alongside their parent or guardian, if the reviewer determines that the client is a good clinical fit, they are accepted, and it is determined which service line fits the client best. There may be additional steps needed depending on the client.

Step 5

The date of admission is scheduled and the client starts the program on the established date.

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Learn More About the Diversified Treatment Alternative Centers Admissions Process

Find out more about how to refer a client, program specifics, and information about insurance and payment by contacting DTAC. In our residential and outpatient programs, children and adolescents in need of mental and behavioral health services can begin to heal and work towards a brighter future. Reach out to DTAC today at 570.524.0307 or by using our secure online form, and find out how we can change your child’s life today.